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Definition (one out of many)

Science of extracting knowledge and insights from data

There are numerous definitions of Data Science. The field itself is not yet mature enough to be very well defined.

Data Scientists, Analysts, Miners, Engineers... have themselves various (and confusing!) definitions and domains.

This is why I like this simple and yet efficient definition.

From there, it's possible to build our own philosophy and skills as Data Scientists.

Why data science?

  • Volume: more and more data are available
  • Velocity: new data are available every minute, second...
  • Variety: data comes in many forms

Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence

AI versus Data Science schema

Data Science and AI are not competitors or opposites.

They actually converge in many ways.

The data science process

  1. Form the question
  2. Find or generate the data to answer this question
  3. Explore, analyze, model the data
  4. Draw conclusions, make reports, communicate

The data scientist

  • Answers question with data
  • Has ability to solve problems
  • Examines data and provides insights
  • Communicates conclusions

Data Science Tools

  • R and R Studio
  • Python
  • Coffee!