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Why Kangaroo.AI

Okay, okay, I know... Everyone is asking: but why Kangaroo!?

Well, while it may look like there is no link at all between AI and Kangaroos, there are actually different reasons why I made that choice (in addition to the fact I like kangaroos and how their name sounds).

Think different

At the time I decided to create this website, a query with "artificial intelligence" in my favorite image search engine would end up in 90% of the first page being covered by dark blue images suggesting that a robot is either thinking or concious.

AI is way too often seen as a dark and terrifying technology, which leeds to many misundertanding about it.

So I concluded that my approach of AI should be different, use lighter colors, and rely on a more familiar, inoffensive and agile image.


Kangaroos are no threat to humans in normal conditions. There are very few records of kangaroos attacking humans without provocation.

That - I believe - sounds very similar to AI: it is no threat to humans in normal conditions (that is to say as long as ethical goals are pursued).

Food and Data

If you ever go to places where wild kangaroos live, please don't feed them with carrots or other unappropriate food! They normally eat grass.

It is equally important to feed AI algorithms with appropriate data, excluding bias and unethical intentions.